How to Join a Zoom Webinar

A Zoom webinar is where a  group of people are in a seminar conducted over the internet.

We regularly host public webinars, and this tutorial will show you how to join one and how to ask questions at the end.

You can see our public Webinars on our Events page. 

Click Here to access the events page.

We also run private webinars with selected individual GP Practices across Devon.

Please email for more details.

This guide shows you how to join a webinar using the Zoom invite email which should have been sent to your email inbox. 

Step 1:

Within the body of the Zoom email invite you should receive a link or an email with a link that’ll take you directly to the zoom webpage for your particular webinar. It could look like either of the following images:

Step 2:

As the webpage is loading, your device will also load the Zoom ‘App’ and start up the Webinar. It looks like this:

Step 3:

Sometimes, the ‘host’ will have to ‘let you in’ to the webinar first, but once you join the webinar, it should look like the screen below.

You will be able to hear and see the Panellist’s screen, but you will not be able to talk to the Panellists until the end of the webinar presentation. 

How to ask questions at the end

At the end of the Webinar it will be time to ask the panellists questions.

At the bottom of the screen there is a ‘Q&A’ button, linking to the Question & Answer Section which should look like below. This is where you can ask the host and panellists questions for them to answer at the end of the webinar. Just click into the text box, type your question, and press enter.

In our webinar sessions, only you and the host will be able to see the questions that you ask.

Our volunteer digital trainers will attempt to answer your questions at the end of the webinar. When it is over, the host will ‘end the session’ and the zoom screen will no longer be visible on your screen.