How to use Attend Anywhere – Plymouth

For this tutorial we are using the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust website, other NHS Trusts in Devon will have the same sign up section but not necessarily the same layout.

The video above shows you how this works, along with the step by step guide to follow below:

Step 1:

Open your web browser, such as Google Chrome (Windows) or Safari (Mac), Then go to the Plymouth NHS Website, which looks like this:

Step 2:

Click on ‘I am a patient’ on the left, then on ‘Video Consultations’:

Step 3:

Now you’re on the Video Consultations page.

There are four parts on the page: “Before your consultation”, “Find your clinic”, “Troubleshooting and leaflets”, and “Digital Help”.

Step 4:

To find your video consultation you can either click the “Find your clinic” button or scroll down until you reach the “Find your clinic” section. Then select which clinic your consultation is with:

Step 5:

Once selected you should be presented with this pop up, where you can perform a test call or click the ‘Start video call’ button to begin your consultation.

Step 5:

First Attend Anywhere will test your Internet Speed, Speakers, Microphone and Camera.

Step 5:

After the tests are finished, Attend Anywhere will ask for some details about you, so they can identify who you are. Click inside each box to type in your details:

Then press Continue. You will then be in the queue to talk to the medical professional and your video consultation will begin soon automatically.