My Care: watch our video guide

MY CARE – also known as MY CHART – brings your medical information and interactions with your clinical team into one place.

You can access it using an app on your mobile phone or via your computer. Here are some of the features you’ll find within MY CARE:

  • See the results of most tests when they are available
  • View your calendar of upcoming appointments, along with details about attending
  • Search for information on past appointments, along with clinical information provided by your care team
  • Keep your care team informed by completing health questionnaires and updating allergy and medical information
  • Check you health information at any time, home and abroad
  • Send a message directly to your care team from within the app if you’ve got any questions about your care
  • Allow a family member or loved one to access your health and appointment information by enabling Proxy Access

Find out more about it by watching the video on the right.

1 Welcome to MyChart – Introduction