What is online safety?

This section gives you a basic introduction to the online safety and security.

This guide contains advice to help you stay safe using the internet.

Scroll through some video guides on the right using the green arrows on the right or scroll further down the page to read our user guides. Our top tips:

  • Check that sites are secure – secure websites start with “https.
  • Install the latest software updates – this helps patch any risks.
  • Back up your data – a lifesaver if you need to wipe your device.
  • Watch what you post – withhold sharing key personal information.
  • Be aware of fake news – check the news website you are on is real.
  • Use a password manager – store your account login credentials.
  • Use a reliable antivirus – there are many free antivirus programs.
  • Avoid suspicious attachments/links – think twice before clicking.

1 Internet Safety Tips

2 Making Strong Passwords

3 Your web browser security features

4 How to avoid scams

5 How to avoid ransomware

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