Health Apps Library – Information guide on ORCHA

NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group are working with ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications) to provide a Health Apps Library website for the population of Devon. The aim is to make it quicker and easier to access safe, accredited health and wellbeing apps, which can make a really difference to people’s lives.

Health Apps are a fantastic opportunity to provide people in their homes and communities with important health information, helping support people to manage their health conditions (e.g. mental health, diabetes conditions) and live healthier and happier lives through exercise and healthy living.

The guide below shows you exactly how to use the Health Apps Library.


Step 1: Open your internet browser and load your preferred search engine (e.g.


Step 2: In the search bar enter ‘Devon ORCHA’.


Step 3: Select the top result (

Once you have loaded the Devon ORCHA home page you will be presented with a search function. Type in a key word like ‘diabetes’ for example. Next click ‘find apps’ to view the results.


Step 4:  The next page will show you what apps are available on the Android Play Store and Apple Store. The results are shortlisted by popularity, cost and by level.

The levels mean the following:

  • Level 1 (Wellbeing/Utility) – These apps are focused on either general well-being with a health focus or are utility apps used in a health context.
  • Level 2 (General Health) – These apps are focused on general health.
  • Level 3 (Condition Management) – These apps can be focused on general health or supporting specific health conditions.
  • Level 4 (Regulated) – These apps can be focused on general health or specific conditions and contain advanced and complex features that are subject to formal regulation.