How to use Attend Anywhere – TALKWORKS

For this video consultations tutorial we are using the Talkworks website, other local health trusts will have the same sign up section but not the same layout.

For A Mobile Version Press Here

Step 1:

Open your web browser, for example Google Chrome (Windows) or Safari (Mac), then go to the Talkworks Website

Step 2:

When the Talkworks website has been opened it should look like this:

Step 3:

At the top there is a drop-down list which says “How can we help”, once hovering over it the drop down list will show one option called ‘Video Appointments’:

Once Video Appointments has been clicked on it will go to this page here:

Step 4:

 Scroll down to the “Start your video Consultation” button here:

When the button is clicked it should load up this page:

Step 5:

Once on this page, click on the “Start Video Call” Button and then it will take you through the check process:

Step 6:

Once the checks are done it will ask for some personal information such as name, number and date of birth, click each box to type the details then click the continue button to go into the queue.