Covid-19 and Anxiety via Talkworks

The Website Talkworks, has a section based on Covid-19 and gives advice on ways to cope with Anxiety during Covid-19 which is very useful and has a self diagnose test at the bottom where you can see if you will need to talk to your local GP for a way to help.

To Access the Website Click Here

Self Refferal Quiz

Step 1:

At the bottom of the page there is a quiz that will help with the Self Refferal

First it will need some details off you, so they can let your GP know your results.

Step 2:

Next it will asking who your GP is and where the GP Surgery is.

Then Follow it till you have Entered all the details

Step 3:

After all the details have been entered and questions are answered, you will have to submit it all to your GP by clicking the submit button at the end of the quiz