Registering to use Systmonline

The video below shows you how to register to use the online GP service systmonline, available via

Some GP Practices in Devon use a different online appointment-booking and prescription-ordering service called SystmOnline. You will need to check with your GP Practice which system they use.

The site allows you to book appointments and order prescriptions using this system. Once registered, you may also be able to access your patient record by clicking the Patient Record link on the Home page.

The SystmOnline log in page should be accessible from your GP practice website. This can usually be found by looking for the online services page.

You’ll need a valid username and password to access SystmOnline. These can be obtained by visiting your GP practice in person and taking two valid forms of photographic ID (e.g. passport and driving licence).

The Registration feature below may also have been added to your GP website to allow patients to request access to online services by adding information to a form online.

Please note, filling this in alone will not allow the GP practice to fully process your online access request. Patients will still need to visit the practice in person to validate their online registration form. This step is necessary to ensure that access to online services is granted securely and appropriately.