Accessing Medication Requests

The video and screenshot guide below shows how you can order repeat medication using Systmonline.

Step 1

Accessing Medication Requests:

Clicking on the ‘Medications’ menu from the Home page will take you to an area where you can:

Request medication (option 1 below)

View recent prescription requests (option 2 below)

Change which pharmacy your electronic prescriptions will be sent to (option 3 below).

Step 2

Requesting Repeat Medication:

After clicking Medication on the previous screen, the following medication screen displays all of your recent medication (acute) and regular medication (repeat).

All current repeat prescriptions are listed with the drug, dosage, quantity, last issued date and status.

An empty tick box in the lefthand column means you can ask for a new prescription for that drug. Put a tick in the required box and click Continue.

Step 3

If you wish to add notes about the repeat prescription you have selected, you can do so in the notes field after clicking Continue on the previous screen. You can then complete your request by clicking Request Medication.