Share your medical record

Benefits of sharing

Patients can temporarily share their record with family and friends or healthcare professionals giving them the opportunity to:

– Keep family and friends informed.
– Share medication and allergy histories with a nursing home.
– Get the most efficient care in an emergency.

If you would like to share your record, follow the steps below. You can also view our video tutorial on how to share your record above.

Step 1

Sign in to Patient Access.

Step 2

Select Medical Record on the dashboard to expand the selection.

Step 3

Select Share Record and Select the areas of your medical record you wish to share.

Step 4

Select I accept the terms and conditions, and then select Share. A unique link will be generated which you can then email or share with your friends, family or health professional so they can access your medical record for a short time (it will only be available for 24 hours).

PLEASE NOTE: You can Select Share in any area of the medical record, other than documents, to temporarily share your record with family and friends or healthcare professionals. Documents cannot be shared.

You can stop sharing at any time. You can stop sharing one instance of your shared record by selecting ‘Stop sharing’ on the individual shared record. If you select ‘Stop sharing all’ this will stop access to all the shared records you currently have active.