What is a live webcam feed?

A webcam live feed is a continuous live stream that is captured on a webcam. If you’re not familiar, a webcam is a digital camera meant to capture photos and videos when connected to a laptop or computer.

The basic purpose of a webcam live feed is to connect with people by giving them direct access to a location or exhibit.

There are many uses for a webcam live feed, including animal cams, nature cams, city cams, and more. Sometimes, schools and daycares set up webcam live streams so that parents can take a look at what their little ones are up to throughout the day.

Here is an example of a live ‘Flamingo Cam’ at Paignton Zoo:

As a key component of our of our Care Home project we aim to provide residents with the opportunity to access green spaces and places of interest throughout their local area. The list of links below go directly to places of interest throughout the wider Devon area, with an additional subsection containing links to places of interest abroad.

Please just click on any of the links below to view a live webcam.

Places of interest in Devon: 

Places of interest overseas: