How to join a meeting using Zoom

There are two ways of joining a zoom meeting, you can either join while signing in or join without signing in at all.

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Without signing in

Step 1:

Once you have installed zoom, you will have to press the button “Join a Meeting”.

Step 2:

After that then you will have to enter in the meeting’s ID or the personal link name that the organiser has given.

Then you will have to enter in your name then press “Join”

Signing in to join meeting

Step 1:

Once Zoom is installed, press the “Sign in button” to sign into your account

Step 2:

Then enter in your email address and password or sign in with Google, Facebook or SSO.

Step 3:

Now press “Join” to enter in the meetings details.

Step 4:

Now enter your meeting ID and enter in your name, then you’re good to go.