How to join a meeting using Microsoft Teams

There are two ways of joining a teams meeting, you can use the app or online.

Either way you will have to recieve a link through your email.

Joining using the App

Step 1:

Once Teams has been opened, go down to your calendar and click on a meeting you want to join then press “Join”

Step 2:

Then choose the audio and videos setting you want.

Then you’re good to go.

Joining using the Website

Step 1:

To Join through the website you will have to click the link in the email that you have recieved.

Step 2:

After clicking the link, it’ll take you to this page here, you will want to click “Continue on this browser”

Step 3:

You will have to allow your microphone and your camera to use Microsoft Teams.

Step 4:

Now you will have to enter in your name and your microphone and camera settings, then press “Join Now”.