How to use a Facebook Portal for video calls

The Facebook Portal allows the user to make and receive calls with both Facebook friends and WhatsApp contacts. It is worth noting however that Facebook Messenger contacts without Facebook accounts are excluded.

On the receiving end of a call using a Facebook Portal, the call can reach other Portal devices. The portal also enables the user to call through to other Facebook users on a mobile device via the Facebook Messenger application.

Similarly the Portal  also covers WhatsApp users with the app installed on their mobile phones. The Facebook Portal will also call through to other Facebook Portal devices for those in your contact lists who have linked their account to a Facebook Portal device.

Please note: If you can’t reach a WhatsApp contact, it may be because they don’t have WhatsApp open or in standby mode.


How to make a video call via the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp application on the Facebook Portal:

Step 1: Tap the Portal’s screen to exit picture frame mode. Or alternatively, tap the ‘Home’ button at the top of the screen if the device is in use and you have an application open.

Step 2: Open the Contacts app from the Portal’s ‘Home’ screen, this is located in the top right corner.

Step 3: Tap the photo/name of the contact you’d like to call. You will then be presented with the option to voice call, video call or message.


How to answer or end a video/voice call using the Facebook Portal:

Step 1: If you’re receiving a voice/audio call via your Facebook Portal, tap the “Answer” icon which will be displayed on the screen to connect. This will be similar to answering a call using a smart phone.

Step 2: To end a video/audio call on your Facebook Portal, tap your Portal screen to reveal the call menu and click ‘End’.


How to set WhatsApp as your default call provider on the Facebook Portal:

Step 1: Tap the Portal’s screen to exit picture frame mode and select ‘Applications’. If an application is already open, tap the ‘Home’ button at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Open the Settings application.

Step 3: Select “General” from the list that is displayed on the screen and then select “Call Settings”.

Step 4: Tap “Default Call Provider”.

Step 5: Enable “Use WhatsApp as the Default Calling Provider”.


How to make a video call with the “Hey Portal” function on the Facebook Portal:

If you have your Facebook account linked to your portal, you can use voice commands to initiate a call using the words “Hey Portal.” If you have both a Facebook and WhatsApp account linked to your device, Hey Portal commands will default to Messenger contacts. This however can be changed to make WhatsApp the Default Call Provider.

Below is a list of commands that can be used for hands-free calling:

To make a call: “Hey Portal, call (name of contact).”

To make a call to a WhatsApp contact: “Hey Portal, call (name of contact name) on WhatsApp.”

To answer a call: “Hey Portal, answer.”

To end a call: “Hey Portal, hang up.”