How to set up a Facebook Portal – Part 2

Step 13: Next, the Portal will allow you to connect either Pandora or Spotify music streaming accounts should you wish to.


Step 14: If you wanted to use the Portal as a digital photo frame, select review Facebook Photos, and then Add Facebook Photos in the next screen. You can choose which Facebook albums you want to display. Later, you can also connect your Instagram account if you want to display photos from there, too.

Alternatively if you chose not to connect a Facebook account to the portal and still wanted to use the device as a digital photo frame, select Get Portal App if you want to add photos directly from your phone. This will require you to install a separate app on your smartphone.


Step 15: Connect Alexa if you have an Amazon account and want to use Alexa on the Portal. Alexa seems to be the preferred virtual assistant rather than the Portal’s own, this is because Amazon’s assistant is compatible with a huge range of devices which are readily available.


Step 16: Press Next to use the “Hey Portal” trigger to initiate video calls.


Step 17: The last step is to allow the Portal to store your “Hey Portal” voice recordings so that Facebook can listen to them to improve its voice-recognition capabilities. This is optional, and even if you agree to this during the setup process, you can turn this off and delete all your recordings at a later time.


Step 18: Your Facebook Portal should be set up now. The main home screen should display your favourite contacts as well as those individuals whom you called recently. If you swipe to the left, you’ll see all your installed apps, Contacts, and Settings.