How to set up a Facebook Portal – Part 1

Step 1:  Unbox the Facebook Portal.


Step 2: Insert the power cord into the back of the Portal and plug it into an outlet.


Step 3: Once the Facebook Portal has loaded up, select your language preference.


Step 4: Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password.


Step 5: Once your Facebook Portal has connected to the network that you selected, it will automatically download and install the latest update. During this time the Portal will offer you a virtual tour of the device.


Step 6: After the Portal has completed the update it will ask you to restart the device (click the restart button displayed on the screen).


Step 7: Once the Portal has restarted press continue and agree to the terms of service.


Step 8: The Portal will now give you the option to name the device (excellent if you have multiple Portals in the same household). You can create a custom name for the device or alternatively you can select from the menu.


Step 9: Connecting your Facebook account to the portal (OPTIONAL – Please skip to Step 10 if you do not have a Facebook account or wish to connect a Facebook account). A code will appear on the screen of the Portal. On a web browser on your computer or smartphone, go to and enter the code to connect to your Facebook account. Alternatively, you can enter your Facebook password directly on the Portal itself. If you successfully connect your account, a screen should appear confirming this. Press Next to continue.


Step 10: Connecting your WhatsApp account to the portal (OPTIONAL – Either a Facebook account or WhatsApp account will need to be connected to the Portal the choice is entirely yours). If you opt to connect your WhatsApp account to the Portal, a QR code will appear on the Portal’s display. Open the WhatsApp account on your smartphone; on iPhones, go to Settings, and on Android phones, go to chats and select the three vertical dots. Next, you will be required to hold your smartphone’s camera up to the Facebook Portal’s display so that it can read the QR code on the screen. Once this has been completed your WhatsApp account will be connected to the Facebook Portal.


Step 11: Next the Portal will allow you to select your favourite contacts on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – This will ensure that these contacts are always visible on the home screen of the device for ease of access. This step is entirely OPTIONAL and can be skipped without selecting any favourite contacts.


Step 12:

The Portal will also give you the option to hide any contacts that you do not want to be accessible on this device, again, this is completely optional.