How to use the Amazon Alexa App – Part 2

Navigating the Communication screen:

1. This icon at the top of the screen will enable you to add new contacts to your profile which will appear on your connected Amazon Alexa devices and enable you to make calls and send messages. These calls and messages will go to the recipient’s phone.

2. The ‘Announce’ functionality on this screen will enable you to type a message using your smart device which will be broadcasted on all your connected Amazon Alexa devices.

3. The ‘Drop In’ functionality on this screen will allow you to video call any of your connected Alexa devices which have a camera enabled.

4. The ‘Message’ functionality on this screen will allow you to select any of your saved contacts and begin a chat via instant messaging. From this screen, the app will also allow you to drop in on their Amazon Alexa device, if they have granted you access. From the messaging screen the app also gives you the opportunity to begin a video call.

5. The ‘Call’ functionality on this screen will allow you to select a saved contact to make a voice call or video call. Alternatively if you have multiple Amazon Alexa devices connected your network this functionality will allow you to make a voice or video call (if  the device in question has the camera enabled) to another Alexa on the same network.


Navigating the Play screen:

1. The ‘Play’ tab on the Amazon Alexa app will detail what entertainment is available to play on your Alexa device. This section at the top of the page shows what radio stations have recently been played.

2. This section of the ‘play’ section shows available categories of music from ‘Amazon Music’ (an Amazon Music subscription will be required to use this service).

3. This section of the page details all of the radio stations that are local to your location. Your Alexa device is capable of playing radio stations if you enable the skill which this section of the app will prompt you to do. While the Alexa device is known for its ability to stream pre-recorded music and podcasts, the device also has access to tens of thousands of radio stations. You can ask your device to play some radio stations without the use of the Amazon app.


Navigating the Play screen (continued):

1. This section of the ‘play’ screen within the Amazon Alexa app allows you to connect your Amazon Alexa device to any streaming services that you may already hold a monthly subscription with. These streaming services include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Global Player and Planet Radio.If you click ‘Manage Your Services’ this will enable you to set a default service and apply or disable parental controls.

Navigating the Devices screen:

1. This section of the ‘Device’ screen details the devices that are used the most.Further down the screen under ‘Groups’ you can separate your devices so you know are able to interact with them individually or as a group.

2. This section of the ‘Device’ screen details all of the compatible devices which are able to be connected to your Amazon Alexa application. The most common are the Echo and Alexa products, however, you can add Alexa enabled CCTV systems and ‘ring’ doorbells.The + icon at the top of the page will facilitate the addition of a new Amazon Alexa device or compatible device.

Navigating the More screen:

1. If you click the ‘Add Device’ tab on this screen it will bring up a full list of appliances and devices which are compatible with your Amazon Alexa device.

2. This section allows you to create shopping and to-do lists. Under the notes section you can set reminders for important information.

3. This section will allow you to set reminders such as: “Alexa, remind me to water the plants when I get home”.

4. This section will allow you discover and browse categories of unlockable skills for your Amazon Alexa device. You will also be able to see all of the skills that you have already unlocked and enabled.

5. This section will bring you to a knowledge base of simple trouble shooting subjects for your devices, alongside some useful tips for settings.For more complex queries, there are tabs to call an Amazon representative or alternatively email if your query is not urgent. Provide all of your customer information to be called back.

6. The activity tab on this screen will detail every voice command that has been made or news article that has been read on your Amazon Alexa device. Similar to the browser history on your computer.

7. This section will allow you to set routine’s and responses from your Alexa device, this was covered under the ‘start my day and ‘goodnight’ tabs on the home page.

8. This function allows you to set alarms to start the day or for an appointment. This function will also allow you to set count timers.