How to use the Amazon Alexa App – Part 1

Navigating the App’s Home Page

1. Clicking the icon at the top left of the ‘Home’ screen will take you to a help page. This function is similar to automated chat service on a website, it allows you to search the Amazon Alexa app for assistance or unlockable skills that you cannot locate via the categories under ‘Skills & Games’.

2. Clicking this icon will take you to the ‘Skills & Games’ page. This will allow you to discover suggested unlockable skills for your Amazon device according to your usage trends. This function will also allow you to view the skills that you have already unlocked. Within this section you can view new skills to unlock by category.

3. Tapping the blue icon in the center of the page or saying ‘Alexa’ while using this app will open a voice activated search. This is exactly the same as searching for something using Siri on your apple device.

4. Alongside the useful features listed above, you can find a number of tips and tricks on the Amazon Alexa app home page which will enable you to personalise your device. This function will allow you to set photos from your smart device to appear on your Amazon Alexa Show.

5. The Amazon Alexa app home page will remember what you were using your Amazon Alexa device for the last time it was active and will allow you to pick up exactly where you left off. In this example, the last radio station that was being listened to was ‘Kisstory’ by Planet Radio.


Navigating the Home Page – Personalisation

1. Tapping on this field will open a search function allowing the user to search for specific features and unlockable skills.

2. Tapping this icon will open a voice activated search. This function is useful if you need to ask Alexa something whilst on the move. This function is similar to using Siri on your apple device.

3. The home page of the Amazon Alexa app will enable you to personalise your device, whether this be by adding photos to continuously rotate on the home screen of the device or by customizing Alexa’s answers (enabling you to create fun and useful responses for your household/setting).


Navigating the Home Page – Connecting Your SMART Device

1. The ‘set up your smart home device’ tab on the Amazon Alexa app home page will allow you to connect your Alexa device to any other compatible devices you already have. Examples of these may be a ‘ring’ doorbell or compatible Philips light bulbs.

2. This tab on the home page will allow you explore what your Amazon Alexa device is capable of. Examples of these may include creating a to do list, translating languages or setting frequent reminders.

3. This the control bar for the Amazon Alexa app, all these functions will be covered within this guide.


Navigating the Home Page – Routines

1. Clicking the ‘create routine’ tab on the home page for ‘start my day’ can enable the following functions:- Local traffic reports- Local news stories- Local weather updates- Provide details of what is scheduled in your calendar for that day

2. Clicking the ‘create routine’ tab under the ‘Goodnight’ section will enable you to switch on the following functions:- Switch off compatible lights (using Alexa enabled lightbulbs)- Have Alexa say a random phrase each night- Open relaxing sleep sounds