How to download the Amazon Alexa App for iOS devices

Step 1:

Unlock your apple device and access the home screen and open the app store using the icon marked below.


Step 2: 

Once the app store has opened you will be taken to the app store home page. At the bottom of the screen there is search function (marked below), click this.


Step 3: 

Once you have opened the search function, click the bar along the top of the screen (marked below) and search “Alexa App”.


Step 4: 

The results in the screen shot below will be returned, select the top result and commence the download.


Step 5: 

Once the download has completed, the Amazon Alexa app will show on your home screen.


Step 6:  

The process is now complete. Once you have tapped the Alexa App icon on your home screen, the application will launch and show the following home screen: