Amazon Fire Stick Set-Up Instructions 2021 Variation – Part 2

Step 10:

After selecting ‘Sign in’ on your Amazon Fire Stick, please visit and sign into your account, you will then be prompted to enter the unique activation code which is displayed on your TV screen (please see screenshot below).


Step 11:

Once you have completed the activation process, select ‘Continue’. Please note that by selecting ‘Change Account’ this will indicate that you have signed in with the incorrect ID and will return you to Step 9.


Step 12:

Select Yes or No to opt in or out of storing connected network passwords with Amazon.


Step 13:

Opt in or out for parental controls, this will enable the requirement for a PIN to be entered to access over-the- air LIVE TV, launching applications, purchasing digital content or using the Amazon shopping app to purchase physical products from Amazon.


Step 14:

If you selected ‘Enable Parental Controls’ you will be prompted to enter a parental control PIN number (keep this somewhere safe). Please note: This PIN will protect Prime Video purchases on all registered devices, however, if you forget your PIN please visit htpps:// using your smart phone, tablet or PC and follow the on screen instructions to rest your PIN.

Step 15:

Select ‘OK’ after noting how the parental controls can be managed or changed (details of how this can be done will be displayed on your TV screen).


Step 16:

Depending on which variant of the Amazon Fire Stick you have purchased, the remote for your Amazon Fire Stick may be compatible with your TV to adjust the volume, please check whether the volume adjustment feature works with you TV (will not work with all) at this stage and select ‘Next’ to move on with the set-up process.


Step 17:

Please continue to follow the on-screen instructions and select ‘OK’ to move on with the set-up process.


Step 18:

The set-up process is almost complete, you will now be asked whether you wish to subscribe to Amazon Kids+ or alternatively, you may see a message asking you whether you wish to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, if you do not already have a subscription.


Step 19:

Whether you decided/decided not to proceed with the subscription service for Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Kids+ you will be directed to the ‘Choose your Streaming Services’ page. Everything following this page is free to download to your Amazon Fire Stick, however, usage of the application will more than likely require a subscription.

It is worth noting that a number of these subscription services will have an introductory offer, usually in the form of a 30 day free trial or something similar. In order to redeem these free trial’s you will be required to create an account and provide a payment method (although payment will not be taken before the free trial concludes). Remember to diarize the date that the free trial ends on to avoid any surprises of subscription fees being debited from your chosen payment method.