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All of the course guides from Digital Health Devon can be downloaded below.

1. Internet access and email

This guide helps you to learn how to create an email address, access the internet and importantly stay safe online.

2. Online GP Services

There are a number of GP Services utilised across Devon to support patients. This guide will help you to perform basic tasks from logging in, through to messaging your GP practice and viewing your medical record.

3. Online Self-Referral Services

This guide shows you how you can use local self-referral services like the NHS e-referral service, Depression Anxiety Service and Patient Knows Best.

4. Providing feedback and making an official complaint

This guide shows you how you can share your feedback about the health and social care services you’ve used in Devon.

5. How to access useful online resources

This guide introduces you to some of the more widely used self-help and self-care services online in Devon.

6. Financial advice and benefits

This guide highlights which benefits you may be entitled to and how you can apply for them online.

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